Crate Fabrication

Over the years, Sierra Designs has developed some of the most durable crates for exhibit properties.

Engineered from the ground up specifically for the storage and transport of exhibit properties throughout the country, the Sierra Create is your best protection for any tradeshow investment.

Choices include 8 and 10 interior openings as well as horizontal custom sized crates for counters and POP displays.

All crates can be jigged for panels, kiosks and total inventory. Shelves and pockets can be added as required.

For added protection, all industrial hinges have been built-in with panel blocking to keep them from being sheared off during transfer.

Latches have been recessed to keep the loop from being damaged.

And for identification, all crates are custom stenciled with your logo and company name.

Whether we build your entire exhibit or store it for you in our warehouse, we would be delighted to quote your next crate requirements.

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