This amazing design concept was created for a shoe manufacturer looking for an urban setting with a translucent effect. The walls are constructed of aluminum frames with frosted plexiglas inserts and highlighted with orange gels.

Inset showcase boxes were located in the four corners and allowed for sample products to be lit from halogen fixtures. A monolith column acts as a divider at the entrance with a elliptical reception desk standing ready to greet customers.

Inside the space, customers had ample seating area and rolling carts would bring the sample to the customers rather than the other way around.

A beam system supported by six columns support both the specialized overhead lighting as well as the reverse tension fabric canopy.

A well incorporated storage area is in the back or the exhibit space which shares a major display wall.

The overall design sits on a 20 x 40 space and reaches majestically 14 feet towards the ceiling.

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