This 30 ft inline design takes into account some of today’s most popular design elements.

Created for a company looking to show three individual product lines but still demonstrate that they were all under one roof, this met their objectives.

The use of the raised floor with the dual ramps for transition allowed both a level surface to assemble the structure on as well as it clearly defined the space as one company. Even with the individual floor covering concepts, attendees would understand the connection.

In accordance with the show rules, the center section was allowed to reach the front edge of the isle. A floating curved tension fabric canopy adds both lighting control as well as ambiance for the center section. Uniquely, the client wanted to incorporate their curved popup display somehow into the design as a cost-saving measure and so it sits centered between two custom panels.

The third element was the incorporation of the thinnest lightbox alternative. Floating on two steel tension cables, this edgelit panel at less than 1-1/4” thick provide 30% more light than a traditional bulky backlit lightbox.

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