This large 40 x 60 pavilion was designed as the next denergation for a MAGIC client that bridges an isle.

With permission of the association, an impressive aluminum truss peak ladder floats over the isle joining the two exhibit elements together.

The goal here was to create a stunning look that offered mass without the traditional weight of the previous exhibit properties. Gone are the heavy columns and the quantity of box frame panels, which have now been replaced with a unique aluminum frame covered in a translucent tension fabric.

To add to the dramatic, images are printed on to the fabric and each wall is lit from fluorescent fixtures from within.

Two conference rooms have be added at opposite ends to provide VIP customers special viewing areas.

Each of the 8 sales areas offer expansive space for displays and more than 28 feet of hanging space.

All desks and tables are custom designed to reflect the colors and materials used throughout the structure.

The four towering corners provide tremendous branding opportunities, which can be seen from the entire hall. The mannequin display areas provide creative opportunities for trimmers to build themes.

The scrimmed aluminum frames over each sales area utilize the same indirect lighting effect found in the walls and add some dimension to the rooms.

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